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TDP Lamp – Large Head (Digital Timer) - 大頭神燈

TDP Lamp – Large Head (Digital Timer) - 大頭神燈

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The TDP (CQ-29 and CQ-36) special electromagnetic infrared heat lamp was invented in China and unlike any other infrared/heat lamp. The TDP (CQ-29 and CQ-36) features the black emission plate that is coated with proprietary minerals consisting of 33 elements.
When activated, the TDP (CQ-29 and CQ-36) have a heating elements that emits a far infrared frequency energy with the spectrum range of 2 ~ 25 micros that penetrates deeper and easier for human body to absorb for more therapeutic effect.
Since the introduction of the TDP (CQ-29 and CQ-36), it has been used widely in the clinics all around the world and is known in Asia as 'The Miracle Lamp'



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